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Attention and Art you deserve!
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Overcoming Dental Anxiety and Fear

Most of the patients who visit us have some amount of dental fear and Anxiety. We are very aware and understand that patients may have had a bad dental experience which they relate to overtime they see a dentist. At Eaglehawk Dental we pride ourselves in creating an environment where we spend extra time, providing gentle dental care. We endeavour to turn the previous negative experience into a positive trustworthy one.

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Tell us about it!

Please discuss your dental fear and Anxiety with our friendly team and we will take all necessary steps to ensure you are cared for. Dental anxiety results in the following:

  • Missed appointments post posing treatment leading to dental and health risks
  • Periodontal/Gum disease
  • Unplanned emergency dental visits resulting in a more stressful situation.
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Options we offer

We have the following options to alleviate your dental anxiety:

  • Laughing Gas – Nitrous Oxide is a mild sedative that is safe for almost all patients suffering from dental Anxiety.
  • At Eaglehawk Dental, Dr. Maheesh Nair and his team offer Nitrous Oxide sedation and has helped many anxious patients overcome their fear of dentistry. You will remain totally awake and aware but will feel a sense of calmness and relaxation during the procedure.
  • We offer Treatment under General Anaesthesia.


Stay Calm with Nitrous

  • Sedation onset with Nitrous Oxide occurs within minutes very rapidly and you will feel
    calm and relaxed. Most of our patients’ dental fears disappear with Nitrous Oxide
  • We control and monitor Nitrous Oxide levels throughout the dental procedure
  • Recovery is quick without any residual effects
    Safe to drive post treatment.
  • Minimal side effects, Nausea rarely occurs
  • Nil allergies reported
  • Great for patients with GAG REFLEX
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Do you need assistance?
We are there to help!

If you have Dental Anxiety or if you are Nervous, Reach out to your local Bendigo dental professionals at EAGLEHAWK DENTAL to start a lifetime of exceptional dental care at (03) 5446 9859.

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