To fluoride or not

In 2007, the people of Juneau, Alaska in USA successfully voted against water fluoridation. Many councils in Australia have embarked on a similar movement against water fluoridation with the most recent being the Gladstone Regional Council.

This movement was driven by concerns over the harm it might be causing them The most common myths about fluoride are:

MYTH : Cancer risk:

Water fluoridation has been linked to cancer risk due to various studies in rats showing a link between high fluoride intake and development of a from of bone cancer. However, there has never been a conclusive study which indicates the same. The drawback of these studies is that it has created a fear amongst the general public with fluoride (4) On the contrary, lack of fluoride has been directly related to high caries risk and poor oral health


It is also a common myth that there is a link between fluoride in water and lower IQ of the community which drinks fluoridated water. There are many relevant studies which disproves this myth.


This is a myth of a somewhat recognised side effect of fluoride. The condition is called fluorosis and it presents as white lines along the surface of developing teeth. It however does not make the tooth susceptible to decay and is more a cosmetic issue. These days there are very few cases reported of fluorosis due to regulation on fluoride content in water, toothpastes.

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