Permanent Denture Options Pros & Cons

Do you have detachable dentures that are ill-fitting and wobbly? If this is the case, you may consider obtaining permanent dentures. If you have one or more missing teeth, you have several treatment choices to restore function and beauty to your smile.

Dentures are one of the most affordable ways to replace missing teeth. However, removable dentures can loosen and shift with time if not properly fitted. This can cause discomfort and impede speaking and eating. Long-term use of removable dentures can potentially cause jaw bone loss. However, there are other options. Most people think these other options are too expensive or not for them. However, we would like to discuss more permanent solutions with you and let you decide.

Why Choose Permanent Dentures?

Modern patients can fix dental issues with permanent dentures because of advances in dental technology. Fixed dentures, also known as non-removable dentures, are denture devices made up of a row of prosthetic teeth attached to a framework held in place by dental implants. Patients who have permanent dentures can eat, chew, bite, converse, and smile without worrying about their prosthetic teeth slipping and sliding. You care for these as you would your own teeth. They don’t ever come out and will remain in your mouth as your own teeth would. These have become more popular in recent years, not only because of the convenience but also the lower costs as technology improves.


What to Expect When Getting Permanent Detention Solutions

At Dentist Bendigo, An oral evaluation of the patient is typically followed by scanning of the jawbone to establish the precise places for implant placements – two in the anterior region and two at the back of the jawbone. This is a straightforward process that isn’t painful at all. Once it is decided where you will schedule an appointment to have the fixtures put into your jawbone, the permanent dentures will be attached to the implants following the healing phase. During this time, the implants will biologically bond to the jawbone through osseointegration.

The Benefits of Permanent Dentures

In comparison to traditional dentures, permanent dentures:

  • Patients with fixed dentures can eat and speak more comfortably than those with detachable dentures.
  • Increase the dispersion of biting force;
  • Long-lasting and durable;
  • Simple upkeep – no need to remove for cleaning;
  • The number of dental implants required is kept to a minimum.
  • It helps to support facial features, giving patients a more natural, youthful appearance.
  • For maximum comfort, fixed dentures fit better than detachable dentures. It can be tailored to precisely fit your mouth;

The surgery is far less invasive than it has ever been before. This allows us to keep the post-op discomfort down to a minimum.

Disadvantages to Consider for Permanent Dentures

Although permanent dentures are relatively safe, they do require surgery. They may also be more susceptible to inflammation and infection. Most people, however, will not encounter oral diseases, irritation, or infection with regular dental treatments and adequate cleaning. Furthermore, while permanent dentures are more expensive (both the prosthetic arch/crown and the operation), the benefits vastly outweigh the costs in the long term when compared to removable dentures. This cost, in recent years, has become far more affordable than many think due to the evolution of technology. If you think you want to consider permanent dentures, make an appointment and let’s have a discussion.


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