The Latest Advances In Dental Technology

Dentist Bendigo, recent technological advancements have greatly enhanced our overall well-being and dental health. Today we will see the latest advances in dental hygiene and technologies that help us keep our mouths healthy and have revolutionized the dental field.

Advantages Of Using Advanced Technology In Dentistry

The integration and application of cutting-edge technology in the day-to-day dental clinic have numerous advantages, both for patients and professionals:

  • Offer faster, more precise, less invasive, and higher quality treatments.
  • Early detection of pathologies and injuries.
  • Improve direct communication with the patient, especially in the diagnosis and planning phase.
  • Streamline workflow in the clinic and contact with laboratories. In some cases taking advantage of 3D printing.
  • Reduce discomfort in patients and improve their experience in the clinic.
  • Digitally simulate the result of treatments before starting them.

Cutting-Edge Technology In Dentistry: Latest Advances

Intraoral Scanner

Traditionally, it was necessary to use silicone or alginate paste to generate impressions of the patient’s mouth. Today, thanks to the different models of a 3D intraoral scanner, we can achieve digital prints comfortably and in less than 10 minutes.

This is an excellent example of how advanced technology can improve the patient experience in the clinic with the intraoral scanner. We avoid patients’ discomfort of putting these awkward pastes in their mouths to obtain a model of their teeth.

Dental CT Scan

The dental CT scan is a 3D digital radiography tool that allows us to obtain a complete view of the patient’s maxillary structures and the internal canals of the teeth. Its use is significant to develop diagnoses in treatments with implants and root canals.

Including this type of tool in the clinic provides the additional advantage that patients do not have to travel to another site to have radiological tests. In addition to being more comfortable, it reduces the treatment time and the number of visits to the clinic.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is a real advance in assessing each patient instantly and in real-time. Dentists have the capability to lighten or darken the x-ray to make it easier to read. They can also zoom in on specific areas to get a better look.

Indeed, X-rays were already introduced in dental clinics some time ago, but their improvement is in image quality and resolution. In the past, the x-ray was slow to develop, and the images were taken only sometimes looked good and gave the doctor much confusion. Today all that has changed; moreover, the improvement has been significant, being able to do CT and thus see 3D images.

We have seen advanced capabilities such as same-day implants and dentures through many of these different advancements. This allows patients to have teeth extracted and implants placed all in the same day, never going a day toothless. 

Furthermore, we have seen advancements in what we can do with all sorts of cosmetic dental procedures, including orthodontics. 3D printing retainers and other dental devices save patients a lot of time waiting for the device to come back from the lab. It also streamlines dental offices, creating things much faster and with less cost involved. 

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