Root Canal Therapy

Eaglehawk Dental | Root Canal Therapy | Dentist Eaglehawk Do you experience a throbbing pain in your jaw or head that occurs almost everyday? Does it appear after your sleeping habits and daily routine? If you answer yes to these questions, you may be a good candidate for root canal therapy, also called endodontics.

Dental infection, which comes from untreated tooth decay or gum disease, can form an active infection in the tooth, which can cause detrimental issues in a person’s entire body. To address issues related to an infected tooth, dentists often consider root canal treatment to be one of the best possible treatments.

At Eaglehawk Dental, we use safe and effective sedation techniques and advanced technology to make the root canal procedure easy and comfortable.

When Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

A recurrent or severe toothache is not the only sign that you might need an endodontic procedure. If you notice the following symptoms, visit your dentist as soon as you can:

  • Swelling in the gums or jaw area around the affected tooth
  • Foul taste around affected tooth
  • Pain when chewing or opening the mouth
  • Fever related to infected root canal

Root Canal Therapy Procedure

Contrary to popular belief that endodontics cause pain, your dental partners at Eaglehawk Dental assures you that the procedure can be just the thing to eliminate pain and discomforts, and not to cause it.

Your dentist will use a local anaesthesia for a painless procedure so you can stay relaxed throughout the procedure. Your dentist will make a small hole to access and remove the infected pulp. The hole will be cleaned thoroughly and sealed afterwards. To protect the tooth and ensure the longevity of treatment, a dental crown is placed over the tooth.

Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

  • Eliminates pain associated with root canal damage. No need to take pain medications that involve side effects.
  • Stops formation of dental abscess.
  • Prevents the spread of infection to the adjacent teeth since the bacteria are removed from the tooth cavity.
  • Days following the procedure, you can chew and eat normally.
  • Teeth can be saved from extraction procedures.

Schedule Your Root Canal Appointment at Eaglehawk Dental

At Eaglehawk Dental, we will first determine the root cause of your tooth pain and other dental concerns. If you’re determined to be a good candidate for root canal therapy, our doctors will first ensure that you’re fully comfortable with the procedure and use sedation if necessary to help you stay calm during the procedure.

Eliminate pain and save your tooth with our reliable root canal treatment in Eaglehawk. Don’t keep the pain to yourself. Visit us today for comprehensive examination and trusted solutions.

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