Our Community

Our commitment to the community is well reflected by providing you with state-of-the art dental procedures and equipment. At Eaglehawk Dental we are keen on listening to what your expectations are, informing you of the best available options and deliver recommendations that suit you.

We are excited to support the non profit organisation Righteous Pups.

Why Righteous Pups?? They are based in our very own neighbourhood, Lockwood and cater to the needs of the entire nation. They make a difference in creating a happier Australia!

RPA is presently the only organisation in Australia to train assistance dogs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The impact each dog makes is priceless, giving an individual a greater level of independence, self esteem and an overall improvement in psychological well-being and quality of life.

RPA also works with academically and/or socially challenged high school students especially those with anger and depression issues. Working with animals has positively transformed lives of our young generation contributing to the future of our country.

The program also incorporates local unemployed young people, who are now highly competent dog trainers, giving them a sense of purpose and significance.

Their latest venture is to launch a Diabetic Alert dogs program.

For more information please visit www.righteouspups.org.au. Together we can help transform the lives of some very special Aussie kids.

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