Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Eaglehawk Dental | Full Mouth Rehabilitation | Dentist Eaglehawk If you need a complete smile renovation, you may be a good candidate for Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

Full mouth rehabilitation is beyond restorative dentistry and smile makeover procedures. It is the process of completely restoring the health of your teeth and gums.

Unlike cosmetic procedures, full mouth rehabilitation is a necessary treatment process as opposed to an elective surgery.

At Eaglehawk Dental, we are a team of highly skilled and board-certified dental surgeons and nurses who have the knowledge required to perform complex procedures such as Full Mouth Rehabilitations. We will determine which combinations of treatments are ideal for your case – the treatments that can rebuild your smile as well as your confidence.

The Full Mouth Rehabilitation Process

As the name suggests, full mouth rehabilitation is a comprehensive dental process that can include a combination of procedures and methods:

  • Treatment of dental emergencies
  • Comprehensive examination
  • Manufacturing of detailed model of reconstruction
  • Extractions of teeth that can’t be treated and restored
  • Jaw repositioning surgery
  • Preparation of damaged teeth for restoration procedure
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Contouring of gum tissues
  • Evaluation of tooth restorations for aesthetics, function and stability such as veneers, crowns, bridgework, and implants
  • Placements of completed tooth restorations
  • Orthodontic treatments to move teeth into their ideal position

Are You A Good Candidate For Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Your dentist may recommend full mouth rehabilitation if you have many worn down, chipped, or fractured teeth. You may be a good candidate if you have several missing teeth or suffer from other dental and medical problems such as chronic TMJ disorder, frequent headaches, back pain, and muscles tenderness.

Benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

  • Gives your mouth and jaws a complete reconstruction
  • Improves your oral health by improving and re-establishing the structure, strength, and health of your teeth, gums, and jaw joints
  • Improves sleeping habits and concentration
  • Improves your self-esteem and confidence
  • Boosts general health and feeling of wellbeing

Rebuild your Smile and Oral Health at Eaglehawk Dental

If your smile needs more than a simple cosmetic or restorative treatment, your dentists at Eaglehawk Dental offer a solution. Our highly skilled dental professionals can improve and re-establish the overall health of your teeth and gums through our top-notch work on full mouth rehabilitation.

For more information about the process of full mouth rehabilitation, don’t hesitate to visit us here at Eaglehawk Dental. We use the latest methodologies to provide you with the highest care possible.

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